With Seerene for Teams, achieve top tier productivity for your engineering team

Accelerate your software development with end-to-end analytics. With just a few steps, transform your software development’s speed, standard and cost-effectiveness


It takes just 3 easy steps to work like never before

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1. Connect your repository to get insights

Connect your repo (referred to as an application in the platform) to pass your codebase through the intelligent LocalAnalyzer that measures your code according to a series of criteria. Don’t worry, we only read your code repositories and never store them anywhere

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2. Analyse your code with different metrics

Use Maps and Applications to analyse your repos with metrics relating to the nature of the code and development processes. Switch and select between metrics like team churn, complexity and knowledge monopoly to get insights on your code and team activity

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3. Elevate your team’s productivity

Transform your team's efficiency with your findings. Address areas draining your engineers’ time and effort with fixing defects, complex code, or other concerns. Collect your findings in Dashboards, and share with others to enjoy seamless collaboration

Achieve top tier productivity with your engineering team


Visualise your entire code landscape, identify hotspots and indicate where you are most needed


Trace problems to the root cause and innovate your problem-solving strategy


Minimise delays by identifying defects when it matters

Drive up your engineering team productivity by 20 %

Take an informed approach to the technical debt hanging over your team like the shadow of Godzilla


Empower your team with bespoke insights on your data, and strive for your full potential


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