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When working as a team

keeping track of everything can be tricky, and some important details can become lost in translation between many types of brains speaking in different tongues.

Difference of thought can arise between team members

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Devise a management strategy with Seerene

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Seerene is an end-to-end analytics platform for organisations where greater transparency of code production would transform the standard, speed and cost effectiveness.


Seerene accelerates software development processes, drives actionable insights and manages overall risk by connecting data silos and delivering fast root cause analysis. Seerene reduces rework, delivers greater workplace productivity and improves return on software  development investments.

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Seerene’s technology is the only solution that gathers data on source code and development activity across the tool landscape at scale, and non-intrusively to the existing code. Assessments deliver detailed analysis and visualisations that allow the whole team to derive actionable insights across 80+ technology stacks.

Drive improvements across the whole team



  • Reduce errors

  • Improve maintainability 

  • Ensure extendibility


  • Reduce waste

  • Improve scalability

  • Streamline development


  • Improve effort estimation

  • Use benchmarks

  • Find optimal balance 


  • Address people related risks

  • Address project related risks

  • Address code related risks

How to use it?


The Application Owner

  1. Understand trends in applications

  2. Identify applications needing attention

  3. Analyse the application 

  4. Investigate the root cause

  5. Review the findings within a business context

  6. Implement the solution

  7. Monitor progress according to the target

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The Software Architect

  1. A transparent view of the application’s performance

  2. Visualise application issues in maps

  3. Observe activity groups that cause potential issues 

  4. Save the view of the outlier for monitoring

  5. Monitor progress according to the target

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The Engineering Manager

  1. Understand application and team performance

  2. Observe activity groups that cause potential issues 

  3. Indicate when and where your attention is most needed

  4. Investigate the root cause

  5. Save the view of the outlier for monitoring

  6. Monitor progress according to the target

  7. Compare applications to forecast future performance

Tried & Tested

“By applying a data-driven approach to software engineering, we constantly operate in the sweet spot of quality and productivity.” - Frank Bieser, Head of Development & Sourcing, SIT Solutions (Member of Erste Group)


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  • Filtering for Standard KPIs

  • Online support

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It’s easy.

Just connect your repo through GitHub or Bitbucket and feel the power of intuitive insight

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